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100% Natural Coffee

Coffee processing is a catch-all term that used to describe the various different processes by which the fruit—the sweet, fleshier outer part of the coffee cherry that most coffee drinkers sadly never get to taste—from the seed inside the fruit, which is shipped around the world and roasted (much to our collective delight here at Sprudge). One such style of processing is called “natural processing”, in which a coffee cherry is passively dried to separate seed from the pulp. Over the years, this natural processing method, which has been used for thousands of years and has a spiritual home in Ethiopia, has been seen as a lesser method of coffee production to a roast-ready bean when compared to washed processes, a much more modern method of using water to “wash” the fruit off the seed. Washing, the thinking goes, yields a cleaner and more balanced cup, with fewer defects.

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Free shipping is granted for orders totaling 300 TL or more AFTER any coupons or discounts are applied to the final price. The Free Shipping offer is not applicable to orders sent outside of the TURKEY, and excludes any Express shipping option.

High Quality Product

Fresh coffee cannot be beat. You’ll never be able to make your coffee taste better than the beans allow, so it’s important to maximize the inherent flavor and complexity by buying coffee beans that are only days past roast. High quality, fresh coffee should always be your #1 concern when you’re on the lookout, not country of origin or bag color, such as high quality Abdulvahap Efendi brand is important to have high quality and expensive beans..